The tour lasts 8 hours and includes a boat trip, transfers from the hotel and return, more than 10 activities in Rio Negro and in the forest, including the most sought after, which is the diving with the dolphins, Meeting of the Waters and Indigenous Ritual , plus a delicious lunch of varied menu in floating restaurant.


Totally free and unimpeded, diving with dolphins are one of the activities most sought after by tourists. In spite of so much love, he ends up being loved by some and "hated" by others, because this beautiful pink animal is not well seen by the natives, as the Amazon legend says that the porpoises impregnated the women when they interacted with them. Whether you believe it or not, just check it out. This tour is done going up the Black River.


The tour begins at 8:00 AM with pick-up at the hotel. At this time, our team will pick you up to board our boat with regular departure, 9am and return at 4pm, with the drop-off at the hotel.


It seems book history, but the visit to the indigenous community will make you travel through unreached airs.

Besides knowing the rituals, habits and customs of life of the natives, you will be impressed with its beauty and deep look. The ride is made on the way up the Rio Negro and lasts about 40 minutes.


The attractions are located on the banks of the Rio Negro, where the visitor, before reaching the points, can enjoy an invigorating boat trip, knowing the Orla de Manaus and its riverside communities, besides, of course, to participate in the tours: Visit to the Meeting of the Waters of the Negro and Solimões Rivers l Visit to the Handicrafts Fair Floating l Instructional Walk l Appreciation Sumaúma, one of the largest tree species on the planet l Observation of Regal Wonders l Lunch in Floating Restaurant l Diving with Pink Visit and ritual in Indigenous Community


The tour to see this natural phenomenon, known as the Encounter of Waters, one of the must-see attractions for those who visit Manaus, is made by boat down the black river.

The impressive waters of the Negro and Solimões rivers are like olive oil and vinegar, they do not mix in any way. The most curious thing is to feel that the muddy water of the river Solimões is colder, already the one of the Negro river is warmer.


We offer several packages and jungle tours around the Amazon, but you can also set up the script as you wish.

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